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2019-2020 Catholic Pilgrimages

The Leading Catholic Pilgrimage Specialist

Be reassured with the peace of mind that no other team has the experience and expertise that Harvest Journeys has when it comes to pilgrimage. We’re not just tour operators or guides, we are your companions throughout your pilgrimage. We provide the highest level of service and support to assist you through planning and booking your trip, accompanying and guiding you during your travels, and sustaining your connections long after you’ve returned home.

Harvest Journeys partners with the world’s best pilgrim ground operators and guides who share a passion for the sacred and impart knowledge about holy and historical sites, expertise about local cuisine and customs, and provide a welcoming experience and unique care and insight at each stage of the journey.

Harvest takes each pilgrim on a journey to sites where the physical meets the spiritual and the extraordinary enters the ordinary.

For over 30 years, Harvest Journeys has been singularly devoted to faith-based travel. We are 100% dedicated to Catholic pilgrimage and providing every traveller with the greatest opportunities to reap the abundant fruit that pilgrimage provides.

Every pilgrim group is accompanied by a Catholic priest as chaplain who helps to connect the external physical journey with the interior faith journey by providing opportunities for spiritual guidance, scripture, prayer and reflection at holy sites, and ready access to the Sacraments.

Celebrate Mass daily in extraordinary, intimate settings that provide a unique experience of the scriptures and the Eucharist. Take time out for personal reflection and prayer and invoke inspiration and peace through the life of Jesus, Mary and the Saints.

Break bread and share stories with your pilgrim group leaders and fellow travellers. The bonds you make over a simple spiritual encounter has the power to transcend time and distance long after your pilgrimage ends.





"I have been to Holy Land and it was a dream come true for me. The pilgrimage left me with a wonderful memory. The experience of following the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ from before He was born in the Old Testament culminating in His birth to the time of His death and resurrection. The experience helped me to strengthen my faith and the bible came alive right in front of my eyes. It's not just a book anymore but a reality. My faith became my way of life. It's an experience of a lifetime that everyone should try to do and visit the Holy Land where our salvation started to be fulfilled."
– Aurea Martin, Footsteps of Jesus