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Visiting sites as a pilgrim is very different to visiting as a tourist.

Participation in the Holy Liturgy will never be the same again. How can it be when you have walked in the Footsteps of Christ through the Holy Land, or when you have renewed your baptismal vows in the River Jordan?

After kneeling and venerating  the very place where Jesus was born, the term “Christmas joy” will hold new meaning.  The Gospels will no longer be stories which are read out at Mass, these stories will come to life as you live and breathe them - they will become a part of you. Bethlehem, Nazareth, Cana, and Jerusalem will feel like home.

Experience the Graces of France traveling along the Marian road through Lourdes finishing in Paris, the City of Lights or discover the magnificence of Rome, the Eternal City, where you will immerse in the history, treasures and art of the Vatican.

Harvest Pilgrimages specialises in turning an ordinary trip into a sacred journey. Our Pilgrims do not just visit the destination, they experience it! These experiences can be life-changing and we believe that a pilgrimage is an invitation from God to come and walk with Him.

We extend the invitation to join us on one of our scheduled pilgrimage departures or maybe consider planning your own custom designed parish pilgrimage. The options are yours.

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