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Why Harvest

Be reassured with the peace of mind that no other team has the experience and expertise that Harvest Journeys has when it comes to pilgrimage. We’re not just tour operators or guides, we are your companions throughout your pilgrimage. We provide the highest level of service and support to assist you through planning and booking your trip, accompanying and guiding you during your travels, and sustaining your connections long after you’ve returned home.

Harvest Journeys partners with the world’s best pilgrim ground operators and guides who share a passion for the sacred and impart knowledge about holy and historical sites, expertise about local cuisine and customs, and provide a welcoming experience and unique care and insight at each stage of the journey.

For over 30 years, Harvest Journeys has been singularly devoted to faith-based travel. We are 100% dedicated to Catholic pilgrimage and providing every traveller with the greatest opportunities to reap the abundant fruit that pilgrimage provides.

Harvest takes each pilgrim on a journey to sites where the physical meets the spiritual and the extraordinary enters the ordinary.

Every pilgrim group is accompanied by a Catholic priest as chaplain who helps to connect the external physical journey with the interior faith journey by providing opportunities for spiritual guidance, scripture, prayer and reflection at holy sites, and ready access to the Sacraments.

Celebrate Mass daily in extraordinary, intimate settings that provide a unique experience of the scriptures and the Eucharist. Take time out for personal reflection and prayer and invoke inspiration and peace through the life of Jesus, Mary and the Saints.

Break bread and share stories with your pilgrim group leaders and fellow travellers. The bonds you make over a simple spiritual encounter has the power to transcend time and distance long after your pilgrimage ends.

Harvest Journeys has taken over 75,000 pilgrims on 3,750 pilgrimages to over 114 holy sites around the world in 32 years

Harvest Journeys

Authentically Catholic

We are Catholic owned and have been singularly devoted to serving the Church for over three decades. This reality becomes an evident blessing in a spiritual and sacramental way on each day of your journey.

Genuine Pilgrimages

There are many well-meaning secular tour companies who promote Religious Tourism and Faith-Based Travel but lack an in-depth understanding of the true pilgrim needs. You can trust that Harvest is the genuine article having listened and responded to thousands of our past pilgrims.

Itinerary Design Excellence

Getting the balance right between the Spiritual, the Cultural and the Scenic is an important priority that we take great pride in accomplishing. On Harvest pilgrimages you might notice clever themes or enjoy longer stays in prime locations or observe Time-Out opportunities for quiet reflection.

Stress-Free Travel

Consider us the One-Stop Shop who can assist you with all your travel requirements to make the whole process very streamlined from start to finish.

Private Daily Mass

All pilgrimages with Harvest recognise the priority of offering daily Eucharistic encounters at the most stunning altars of the sacred world. It is in the Mass where we cease being tourists and embrace the true pilgrim spirit.

Best Honest Value

Pilgrims can depend on Harvest to deliver on exceptional value for money without compromising on our renowned Quality Control standards. Our returning pilgrims regularly share their amazement of how Harvest can include so much for the price!

Powerful Insider Encounters

We certainly do our research to provide our pilgrims with impacting moments throughout the days of their journey. Our heart is for you to have the very best experience possible.

Unrivalled Leadership

Harvest prides itself as the benchmark for all three-levels of Pilgrimage Leadership. From our specially chosen Priest Chaplains through to our celebrated Harvest Tour Directors or Faith-Filled Local guides, you can expect the highest quality of care at every step of the way.

Pilgrims-First Mandate

At the core of everything we do, Harvest aims to serve our fellow Catholics as our first priority before all else. We are confident that we can deliver and back up what we ultimately promise – the genuine pilgrim experience!


"Life-changing. To walk where Jesus walked, taught, suffered & died was beyond my wildest dreams. Deeply moving – a renewal of my spirit which I will never forget." – Erin Bremford, Holy Land Pilgrimage