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Destination Information – Holy Land

  • Jordan, Israel – US dollars (USD)
  • Please ensure that you take small denominated notes (1’s, 5’s,10’s & 20’s) as when you pay for something in USD, your change will 90% of the time be given in local currency – For example, you don’t want to pay for a bottle of water with a US$50 note
  • Avoid taking US$100 notes as shops usually do not have change and/or wont accept for fear of them being fake
  • Both Jordan & Israel use the 2 pin European plug (however Jordan hotels also use the UK 3 pin plug). Therefore, if you have a device that MUST be plugged in near your bed, we recommend that you also take a UK plug with you in case that is the only plug available near your bed at the Dead Sea & Petra
Spending Money:
  • Breakfast/dinners are included in your package / drinks are extra with all meals (except breakfast). 8 lunches included as per itinerary
  • We recommend on average about US$50 per person per day, this is for:
    • Lunches as guideline can cost anywhere between US$7-$20 as this is dependent on where you are on the itinerary (when not included on that day)
    • Drinks throughout the day.
    • Donations at churches/masses
    • Spending money – this depends on if you are a shopper or not
    • Bathrooms – some bathrooms in Jordan/Israel ask for a ‘donation’ to use the bathroom, so make sure you have small notes in your pocket JUST in case
  •  Please don’t wait until arriving in Amman/Tel Aviv to exchange money; you may not have this opportunity!


  • We can not guarantee that your accommodation will have ATM facilities, so we recommend that you carry enough cash to get you through for at least a week or roughly US$500
  • Cash cards are good; however, some have a daily withdrawal limit. Please check with your preferred bank
  • Please ensure you have checked with your bank about fee’s and charges should you use your card/s overseas.
  • Please ensure you advise your bank that you will be using your card overseas (tell them which countries). This is to avoid them cancelling your card due to ‘suspicious activity’
  • There are only two ATM’s in Israel that dispense USD (1 x Tiberias (hardly ever works) + 1 x Jerusalem which is out of the way). It’s not an issue to withdraw Shekels just make sure you spend it all as you can’t exchange it back at the border


Clothing (Male/Female):
  • The only restrictions are that your knees and shoulders must be covered when entering religious sites. (for the ladies, scarves do not need to be worn on your heads at religious sites).
  • Wear decent walking shoes. If brand new, please wear them in before departure to ensure you don’t get blisters.
  • Hat & sunscreen
  • Don’t forget your swimming gear for a float in the Dead Sea!
  • It will be rather warm (between 20-35 degrees)
  • There is no need for formal clothes. For the farewell dinner, smart casual is acceptable


  • We recommend that you take Imodium or other tummy tablets as well as travel sickness tablets (if you suffer from motion sickness), cold & flu, antibiotics just in case you start to get sick
  • If you have prescription medication make sure you take a letter from your Doctor (stating the medication name & dosage). Ensure medication in its packet original packet, however, if you have your medication in blister packs, that is ok, keep them as is but ensure you have that letter from your Doctor


Mobile Phones:
  • Make sure you enable roaming if you are taking your phone with you – Please check with your carrier for fee’s & charges before proceeding with this option
  • Travel Sim is a good alternative International number (available online), they offer reasonable rates while overseas. Sim cards for iPhones are only available online with TravelSim
  • Wifi is available at all hotels (common areas/most likely free in the rooms – but can not 100% guarantee)


Border Crossing / Check Points:
  • These crossings can take a long time (2-6hrs). Please ensure that you are always patient and calm
  • Answer any and all questions honestly and ensure you just answer what they want. There is no need to go into great details about what they are asking
  • Please do not take any photo’s while at the borders or check points
  • Please do not use any words such as bomb/terrorist etc. at these points (even in jest), you won’t like the consequences


General Notes:
  • Rotate seating on the coach
  • Not all accommodation will have tea/coffee facilities in your room. If you like to have a cup of something in your room, please ensure you bring your own travel kettle or element as well as your favourite coffee/tea
  • Always be conscious of your belongings when out (pickpockets etc.)
  • Please do not take food from the breakfast buffet for future meals in the day. If you wish to take a piece of fruit, that is ok, but ask permission from wait staff before doing so
  • The water (including Ice), salads etc. are all safe to have while in Jordan and Israel, however as you will be drinking lots of water, we strongly recommend you still drink bottled water.
  • Bottled water will be available on the bus for sale (usually US$1 per bottle)
  • Ladies take tissues just in case (for bathrooms breaks) & hand sanitiser
  • USE YOUR SAFE in the room (if available).
  • Label your large bag and hand luggage
  • If you are a diabetic, please ensure you have some form of snack with you in your bag as we cannot guarantee the exact time of lunch/coffee breaks
  • You can take muesli bars etc from Australia in your baggage, so please do not be afraid to pack snacks that you would normally have at home. They must be commercially sealed/bought from supermarket and not homemade.
  • Paid Laundry facilities are available at all hotels
  • Airline seating is out of our control. We have requested your preference but cannot guarantee it as Emirates now charge for seating
  • Frequent flyer:
    • Qantas/Skywards points will be added to your account once you return and may take up to 4-6 weeks to process – ensure you have given Harvest your membership number so that we can add this to your booking, otherwise you may not receive points.


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