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Please carefully read the following conditions before you complete the Booking Form, as making a booking and paying your deposit constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.



  • A completed booking form
  • A photocopy of current valid passport (details page only) – Refer to Section 18 – Passport – Visa
  • Deposit: a non-refundable deposit of AUD/NZD $800 per person per pilgrimage is required. A higher non-refundable deposit and / or additional progress payments may be required for some Groups. These may be applied at any time prior to final payment to facilitate the issuance of air tickets or to pay additional deposits to our suppliers. For deposit conditions on additional arrangements please refer to Section 3 – Additional Travel Arrangements. Additional deposits apply for any booking that includes an Oberammergau 2020 Booking – See OBERAMMERGAU 2020 BOOKINGS, Section 2.C.

i. EARLY BIRD SAVER – (Only Applicable to Air & Tour Bookings) – You must book and pay a non-refundable deposit 8 months or more prior to your pilgrimage departure date.
A non-refundable deposit of AUD/NZD $800 per person applies at the time of booking to secure this saving. Standard Harvest cancellation conditions apply (Refer Section 7 – Cancellation by Pilgrim). Early Bird bookings apply to scheduled Air & Tour departures listed in the main Harvest 2020/2021 Brochure (including extended combinations). Your airfare must be purchased at the time of booking and any airline cancellation/change fees will apply. The Early Bird Special does not apply to Tour Only prices. The Early Bird Special is not applicable to any Custom Group pilgrimage with a tour code commencing with PS or PV. The Early Bird Saver can be combined with the Past Pilgrim Saver. This offer is not available to bookings made through Travel Agents.

ii. PAST PILGRIM SAVER – The Past Pilgrim Saver can only be applied once per pilgrim per booking. The Past Pilgrim Saver can be combined with the Early Bird Saver (applies to Air & Tour bookings only).  Past Pilgrim status must be validated by Harvest before any discount is applied. Standard Harvest cancellation conditions apply (Refer Section 7 – Cancellation by Pilgrim). The Past Pilgrim Saver is not applicable to any Custom Group pilgrimages with a tour code commencing with PV or PS.

iii. EARLY AND PAST SUPER SAVER – Eligible pilgrims can combine the Early Bird Saver and the Past Pilgrim Saver. This applies to Air & Tour bookings only. Standard Harvest cancellation conditions apply (Refer Section 7 – Cancellation by Pilgrim). This Super Saver offer is not applicable to any Custom Group pilgrimages with a tour code commencing with PS or PV. 

The following additional terms and conditions apply to pilgrims booking Oberammergau 2020 packages:

  • Deposit – Up to 180 days prior to the Oberammergau package date – an additional non-refundable deposit of AUD/NZD $400 per pilgrim is required at the time of booking.
  • Bookings made within 180 days of the package date will require immediate full payment of the Oberammergau package.
  • Cancellation of the Oberammergau package:
    • On or after 01 April 2019 up to 180 days prior to the package date: AUD/NZD $800 per pilgrim cancellation fee applies.
    • From 179 days up to 150 days prior to the package date: a cancellation fee of 40% of the total package price applies.
    • From 149 days up to 100 days prior to the package date: a cancellation fee of 60% of the total package price applies.
    • From 99 days up to the date of the commencement of the package: a cancellation fee of 100% of the total package price applies.

Some Oberammergau departures will require a bridging night before the package begins. An extra cost will apply. Selected 2-night packages will comprise of 1 night in Munich followed by a 1 night Oberammergau package.

Single Rooms in Oberammergau are limited. The supplement cost will be advised at the time of final payment.


Harvest can arrange additional flights, tours, accommodation, cruises, car hire, etc. for pilgrims wishing to extend their journey. Harvest Consultants can arrange your complete itinerary and advise additional costs. All booking terms and conditions of the Tour Operator/Airline being used may vary from Harvest’s conditions and must be adhered to. These arrangements may require additional non-refundable deposits to be paid and cancellation fees from our Suppliers may apply. Pilgrims choosing to travel on an alternate airline will be required to pay all differences in cost due to variations in airfares and/or taxes (Refer Section 15 – Air Travel). Pilgrims choosing an Air & Tour package from this brochure or a Custom Group pilgrimage who wish to depart earlier or remain later than the published travel dates, will incur a non-refundable surcharge of AUD/NZD $100 per person in addition to any possible variations in airfare costs due to change of destination, seasonality or seat class availability. Harvest is not responsible for any costs of any other travel arrangements affected by the cancellation or the rescheduling of its pilgrimage departures.


  • Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of AUD/NZD $800 per person is required to be paid at the time of booking. Additional non-refundable payments may be required to secure airfares or provide additional payments to Harvest’s Suppliers. A higher non-refundable deposit and/or additional progress payments may be required for some Groups. These may be applied at any time prior to the final payment to facilitate the issuance of air tickets or to pay additional deposits to our suppliers. Any payments made for the purchase of airfares or additional Supplier deposits will be governed by the rules applicable to that airline or supplier and any imposed cancellation/change fees will be borne by the pilgrim in addition to a Harvest administration fee of AUD/NZD $100.
  • Additional Travel Arrangements: A nominated non-refundable deposit will be payable at the time of booking these arrangements.
  • Final Payment: Pilgrims must make final payment no later than 60 days prior to their confirmed departure date.
  • Late Bookings: Full payment within 48 hours of confirmation is required for new bookings made within 45 days of departure (refer Section 5 – Late Bookings).


A non-refundable surcharge of AUD/NZD $100 per person will apply for any bookings made within 45 days of departure. As published pilgrimage travel prices cannot be guaranteed with bookings made within 45 days, any additional travel costs will be applied. Harvest cannot guarantee that any travel arrangements made within 45 days of departure will be on group flights and additional costs for transfers may be imposed (Refer Section 4 – Payments).


  • Up to 60 days prior to departure: AUD/NZD $50 per person per change plus any additional charges imposed by Harvest’s suppliers or airlines.
  • From 59 days to 46 days prior to departure: AUD/NZD $100 per person per change plus any additional charges imposed by Harvest’s suppliers or airlines.
  • Within 45 days prior and after departure: AUD/NZD $200 per person per change plus any additional charges imposed by Harvest’s suppliers or airlines.

At any time – Rebooking from an Air & Tour package to a Tour-Only package will incur a AUD/NZD $200 non-refundable fee.


Cancellations must be advised to Harvest in writing. The following cancellation fees will apply:

  • From the time of booking up to 60 days prior to departure: Loss of full deposits paid, plus any cancellation fees imposed by Harvest’s Suppliers or airlines.
  • From 59 to 46 days prior to departure: 50% of pilgrimage cost.
  • From 45 days prior up to departure day: 100% of pilgrimage cost.
  • Post-departure/unutilised bookings: Nil refund on unused services.

Cancellation charges for any additional travel arrangements cancelled prior to departure apply according to the terms and conditions pertaining to the operator used and will be advised at time of booking. Cancellations after departure and unused vouchers have no refundable value.

8. TRAVEL INSURANCE (Mandatory for all pilgrims)

Harvest’s preferred travel insurance safeguards against: loss of monies through cancellation charges; baggage loss; medical expenses; theft and other contingencies. Harvest makes no representations or guarantees concerning reimbursements of funds paid by you under any insurance claim. You agree not to hold Harvest responsible for any decision made by insurers.


Harvest reserves the right to correct any error in rates quoted or calculated for any service notwithstanding that the invoice may have been paid in full. Client/s accept that Harvest staff, Management or its Agents could make an oversight affecting travel arrangements. Client/s agrees and understands that Harvest’s (or its agent’s) obligation is to amend such error or oversight by prompt action/correction (if possible) or refund based on actual cost of itinerary services/sectors affected. Client/s understands and agrees to such limitation of the claim.


Images and scenes shown are representative of those featured in the pilgrimages but are not necessarily supplied or visited. Maps are not necessarily to scale. Hotels are selected, subject to availability, from grading suggested by local authorities or our representatives with due consideration to the particular needs of our pilgrims. Every effort has been made to ensure that these details are accurate at the time of publishing but, are subject to any statutory liability which may not be excluded by law. Harvest is not liable for any error, omission or inaccuracy in its brochures/websites whether occurring at, or after, the time of publishing in regard to price or any other detail or booking condition. In some circumstances beyond Harvest’s control, pilgrimage itineraries may differ to that listed in Harvest brochures, pilgrimage overviews or the Harvest website. If this situation occurs, pilgrims will be advised by a Harvest Consultant or their Pilgrimage Director of the alternate sites/travel. Harvest will do all possible to supply comparable services/accommodation and/or itineraries and there shall be no refund as a result of these amendments.


Prices are based on twin share rooms containing two single beds. An individual pilgrim’s request to share is accepted at the time of booking. Specific requests (single/double/triple) must be made at the time of booking and supply cannot be guaranteed. Single supplement surcharges apply for single room requests. Requests for double rooms or double beds cannot be guaranteed. Requests for a triple room can be met by either a full-sized triple room or a twin-bedded room with an extra roll-away bed. The twin share cost applies per person for all triple rooms booked. Solo pilgrims electing to twin share with an unknown partner of the same gender do so in the full knowledge that Harvest cannot guarantee, and is not responsible for, the compatibility or medical fitness of your roommate. Any share allocation will be at Harvest’s discretion and is not guaranteed. Harvest will endeavour to match ‘Share Request’ travellers. If Harvest is unable to confirm a suitable share partner, Harvest will allocate a single room for the entire pilgrimage and reduce the Single Supplement cost to 50% of the published rate. Please note that should you be “matched” to share with another pilgrim, Harvest cannot be held responsible if that choice is not to your satisfaction. If at any time during the pilgrimage you consider your rooming partner unsuitable, Harvest will use reasonable endeavours to allocate single rooms for the remainder of the tour, subject to room availability. Payment of the full single supplement applicable to the entire pilgrimage will be imposed. Adjustments to rooming configuration at any time may incur additional costs.


Prices are current as at 02 September 2019 and are based on costs, charges, tariffs, rates, taxes, levies and currency exchange rates calculated on the basic pilgrimage departure and are not inclusive of fees, costs, charges and levies for additional flight and travel arrangements and stopovers. All costs are subject to change at any time due to alterations in taxes, charges or levies imposed by airlines, tour companies, governments, their agencies, principals and/or currency fluctuations. Harvest reserves the right to amend the price of a pilgrimage due to such increases. If the total pilgrimage cost increases by more than 10%, pilgrims will have the right to cancel within 7 days of advice of the increase without penalty. A pilgrimage can only operate at the advertised price if a minimum number of bookings are achieved. Harvest reserves the right to cancel or vary a pilgrimage prior to departure due to insufficient numbers. If at 60 days prior to departure, numbers fall below the minimum, a surcharge on booked pilgrims may be applied to ensure departure. Harvest is not responsible for disruption to any travel arrangements not booked or operated by Harvest.


Included in the selling price of each pilgrimage are (although not restricted to) charges to cover the cost of research, reservations from agents in Australia and from our overseas destinations, postage, facsimile, telephone, bank charges, currency transfers, documents, brochure production, printing, distribution, advertising and remuneration to travel agents. Cost breakup is not supplied. Deposit payment signifies your acceptance of these usual commercial costs and fees paid to our overseas associates.


If circumstances beyond Harvest’s reasonable control require that inclusions be altered, a product of similar value or standard will be supplied. In the unlikely event of pilgrimage cancellation by Harvest, pilgrims are offered a change of arrangements, alternative tour or a full and immediate refund without further Harvest liability.


Flights booked for pilgrimages will be in Economy Class on an airline of Harvest’s choosing. Flights booked as part of a pilgrimage will be via the most appropriate route – although this may not be on a direct flight. If pilgrims choose to travel on an alternative airline to the group, they do so with the knowledge that additional costs/surcharges may apply. The scheduled flights used for all departures are subject to the usual conditions of the carrying airline and relevant to international law. Harvest accepts no responsibility for alterations to air schedules. As airfare increases and fuel surcharges can be applied without notice we reserve the right to apply the same at any time prior to final ticketing. Airlines endorsing this and ancillary brochures do not represent themselves either as contracting with any purchaser of a Harvest pilgrimage or as having any other legal responsibility with such purchaser.


Any medical condition, disability or mobility difficulty that may affect the functioning of the group must be advised on the booking form. Any pilgrim with a pre-existing medical condition or illness must declare the nature of such condition at the time of booking and make arrangements for the provision of medications or other course of treatment that may be required during the tour. Any relevant health or mobility conditions not adequately disclosed may result in your immediate and direct return to your point of departure at your expense and without availability of a refund. This is necessary to assure the health and safety of all group members and in particular those with whom you may be sharing a room. We recommend you consult your doctor in respect of your intended travel as this may also have some bearing on your application for travel insurance. Your doctor or the relevant Government Health authorities can advise on any vaccination requirements necessary. Pilgrims with a serious or ongoing medical condition or mobility constraint (subject to travel approval by Harvest) must bring an accompanying able-bodied companion/carer. (refer to Section 17 – Minimum Mobility Requirements). All requests for health/medical clearance submitted by pilgrims are at the sole discretion of the operating carrier/tour operator/travel insurance company. Harvest cannot be held responsible for the outcome of these decisions.     


Many of the sites visited on our pilgrimages require a reasonable amount of walking. Harvest must be advised, at the time of booking, of ANY physical condition that will affect your mobility. Your condition will be assessed and may require qualified medical consultation. Whilst Harvest will make reasonable attempts to accommodate any special needs, it is not responsible in the event that we are not able to do so, nor are we responsible for any denial of services by carriers, hotels, restaurants or any independent suppliers. Most transportation services, including touring coaches, are not equipped with wheelchair ramps. Harvest regrets that it cannot provide individual assistance to a pilgrim for walking, dining, getting on or off coaches or other personal needs. A qualified and physically able companion/carer must accompany travellers who need assistance and must be responsible for their wellbeing. Wheelchairs, walking aides or any particular hotel room specification cannot be arranged once a pilgrimage has commenced. If a Pilgrim’s mobility limitation affects the operation of the pilgrimage, that pilgrim will be immediately returned home, at their expense and no refund for unused services will be applicable.


Each pilgrim is personally responsible for ensuring they possess valid travel documentation. New passport applications must be personally applied for. Existing passports must not expire for at least 6 calendar months after the intended date of return to Australia. Non-Australian passport holders must possess a valid Australian Re-entry Certificate. If you are travelling on a passport issued by a country other than Australia, you will need to be aware that visa requirements may differ from those for Australian passport holders. Visas required by non-Australian passport holders must be applied for by the passport holder. Your Harvest Consultant will be able to advise you of these requirements. Cancellation of a pilgrimage due to incomplete travel documentation will incur standard cancellation fees.


Children travelling with accompanying parents or guardians are most welcome. Costs may vary according to the number of adults sharing a room and individual child costs will be supplied on request.


Any special requests (such as airline seating or dietary requirements) made at the time of booking are on a request basis only. Harvest will do all possible to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee these can be met in all instances.


Harvest agrees to make reservations with the Principal offering the services described in this and ancillary brochures. Harvest does not accept any responsibility for default causing loss or injury to persons whether by negligence or otherwise on the part of the Principal providing any facilities for any person taking advantage of the services described in this brochure. Harvest is not liable for any loss suffered by any person or any additional expense caused or occasioned by transportation provider delay, change or cancellation of aircraft service, alteration or cancellation to any other travel service, illness, injury, strike, civil disturbance, insurrection, terrorism, quarantine, flood or other disturbances of whatsoever nature interfering with, altering, or adding to the cost of the service requested or booked. After departure, if the services included in the pilgrimage cannot be supplied or are altered for reasons beyond our control, Harvest will arrange for the provision of comparable services where possible. Any resulting additional expense will be payable by pilgrims. Harvest is not liable for any dissatisfaction the client may have with the accommodation properties used. You agree not to hold Harvest responsible for any decision made by insurers, and/or by any suppliers, or requirements of any foreign country, government authority or overseas laws and policies. The above exclusions of liability are subject to any statutory liability which unresolved may not be excluded by law. Unresolved difficulties must be conveyed to Harvest Australia Pty Ltd in writing with any supporting documents within 30 days of return to Australia.


It is the client’s responsibility to carefully check all confirmation documentation, itineraries, air tickets and vouchers immediately upon receipt (particularly in regard to the spelling of names and travel dates), and advise Harvest of any discrepancies. All travel documentation will be available for collection/courier delivery 10-14 days prior to your scheduled departure. TourOnly pilgrims must advise Harvest, at the earliest time, of their departure date from Australia.


Costs listed are in AUD, NZD and USD as applicable.


Harvest may collect personal information about you from third parties (including your medical practitioner) as reasonably required in planning and booking tours and for any purpose relating to your tour. You may seek access to any personal information which Harvest may hold about you in accordance with provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (CL).


Harvest Australia Pty Limited ACN 056 849 426. Harvest is a member of AFTA and ATAS.


The Terms and Conditions published herein are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia.


The programmes listed in this Harvest brochure supersedes the Harvest 2019 programme and is valid to 31 December 2021.

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