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The Graces of Pilgrimage

An Evening of Prayer & Testimony

3 APRIL 2023

As Australians return to travel, the age-old tradition of pilgrimage calls us to journey with faith and encounter the graces and blessings of visiting the holy places. The night will begin with a Rosary, followed by a talk from Fr Grace on the Graces of Pilgrimage and a testimony from Juliana Elarde.

SUNDAY, 25 JUNE 2023 FROM 19:00-21:00

St Dominic’s Catholic Parish
Cnr Hornsey Rd & The Crescent, Flemington

Fr Andrew Grace

Fr Andrew Grace

Parish Priest of Sacred Heart, Griffith speaks about how pilgrimages helped shape his vocation. Fr Grace over the years has also led many pilgrims to Medjugorje, and experienced the graces and blessings of going on a sacred journey.

Juliana Elarde

After 8 years in a wheelchair, Juliana Elarde experienced a healing through an encounter with Jesus in the grotto of Lourdes where Our Lady appeared to St Bernadette. Hear her incredible testimony of physical and spiritual healing.


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