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Holy Land Catholic Pilgrimage Tours

Walking in the footsteps of Jesus

Touching the rock on which Jesus was crucified, walking the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, entering the empty tomb, walking along the Sea of Galilee and bowing to enter the door of humility in Bethlehem, changes your life!

Returning home from this journey marks the beginning of a renewed interior life, opening up to a whole new way of praying and relating to the Gospels. The Holy Land experience is no ordinary pilgrimage. It’s a journey that enriches the mind and the soul in ways you never thought possible.

This is a place where centuries of history intersect with our own faith – a land full of wonder and mystery, inspiring at every corner. You too can walk upon the same soil that Jesus did and embark on a sacred journey that will draw you closer to Him and bring the Gospels to vivid life.



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Powerful Insider Experiences

  • A trip I will never forget, it has touched me spiritually, emotionally and allowed me to grow as a person. As I reflect back on the most memorable two weeks of my life so far, I just smile and feel like it was a dream.

    Catherine Kilzi
    Footsteps of Jesus
  • Life-changing. To walk where Jesus walked, taught, suffered & died was beyond my wildest dreams. Deeply moving – a renewal of my spirit which I will never forget.

    Erin Bremford
    Footsteps of Jesus


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