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Warriors for Peace

20 NOVEMBER 2023

Rami and Bassam are friends of Harvest living in the Holy Land. Many of our pilgrims have been to visit them and hear their remarkable story.

Rami is an Israeli Jew, and Bassam is a Palestinian Muslim. Rami’s 14-year-old daughter was killed by a Palestinian Hamas suicide bomber in central Jerusalem in 1997. Bassam’s 10-year-old daughter was shot dead by Israeli border police outside her school in 2007.

Rami and Bassam call themselves brothers. They have dedicated their lives to working tirelessly for peace in the troubled lands of Israel and the Palestinian territories, as part of a bereaved parents organisation. Their tools to forge peace are hope and forgiveness, which they believe, are more powerful than rockets and guns.

A few days ago, we connected with Rami and Bassam, to make sure they and their families were alright. They replied with these words, signed by them both:

“Thank you for your message and your ongoing support. While the atrocities take place right now, against thousands of innocent civilians, mainly children and women, very soon it will be over.

The warriors will let down their weapons maybe temporarily, but we as parents for peace, friends, and brothers, who know deeply in our hearts that one day we must live together side by side, we have decided that we will never, ever let down our weapons. Our weapons are our humanity, and faith in peace and justice in Palestine and Israel.

One day, the occupation will end, and our peoples will remain.

In peace, Rami & Bassam.”

We encourage people to donate to the Caritas Gaza Crisis Appeal to provide urgently needed assistance


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